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  • Urban Sphere is a commercial electric vehicle manufacturer based out of Bengaluru.

  • Procurabl is a Pune-based startup functioning as a supply chain company for electric vehicles.

  • This partnership aims to export 1,000 electric buses annually.

Bengaluru-based commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Urban Sphere and Procurabl, a Pune-based supply chain company, have joined forces to facilitate the export of electric vehicles (EVs) from India. This collaboration primarily aims to enhance India's position as a key player in manufacturing commercial EVs. It also aligns with the 'Make in India' initiative, which focuses on boosting local manufacturing and creating employment.

Under this partnership, Urban Sphere will establish manufacturing units to export 1,000 electric buses annually, with Procurabl overseeing the supply chain for chassis and powertrain components. Procurabl will also focus on component localization, sourcing, and logistics, ensuring timely deliveries to Urban Sphere's manufacturing facilities. The buses produced will target markets in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Ninad Kashid, Founder & CEO, Procurabl, “This partnership will further enhance the work and partnerships that we already have in our EV portfolio. It represents a significant step towards making India a global hub for electric vehicle manufacturing. Procurabl and Urban Sphere’s vision and commitment are perfectly aligned towards the common goal of accelerating the shift to smart, sustainable electric mobility in India and around the world. We are excited about the wider opportunities this partnership will create, enabling us to better serve our customers by providing new and innovative products.”

Karthik Athreya, Co-Founder & CEO, Urban Sphere, said, “Through the cooperation of Procurabl, we aim to contribute to ‘Make in India’ by leveraging Procurabl’s excellent manufacturing local network and their technological capabilities. We foresee especially many synergy benefits in the areas of procurement and development that will foster growth in the MSME sector.”

The company highlights that this partnership is set to significantly boost Procurabl's order book, with Urban Sphere's orders valued at Rs 1000 crore over the next 5 years.



February 3, 2024

Urban Sphere Partners With Procurabl To Expedite EV Exports From India

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