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IP Protection & Confidentiality

Partner Vetting and Management

To supply your order, Procurabl operates with our partner network. All of our Partners must go through a strict onboarding process, which includes facility audits, signing up to contractual obligations to safeguard your data and performance programs that gives a priority to data confidentiality.


Confidential means confidential from beginning to end.

Confidentiality from beginning to end

We ensure confidentiality across the entirety of your order. You can find our confidentiality terms in our Privacy Policy. If you would like some additional reassurance, we would be happy to send you our Non-Disclosure Agreement. 


To request for our NDA, please mail us at 

Non-disclosure Agreements

All Procurabl Partners are under strict NDA agreements.

We are also happy to sign company-specific NDAs.

Anonymized drawings & files

To further anonymize and safeguard your data, we remove any identifying information from your CAD models and drawings before sending them to our partner.

Your supply chain is in good hands

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