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It's an age-old question for the OEMs - will it be better to make components in-house or outsource them? When you consider cost, quality, control, compliance, and other factors there isn't a straightforward answer. However in today's world riddled with wars, geopolitics and pandemic driving the market to become more and more competitive -Companies are focusing on reducing costs, and improving their bottom lines by working with a single point of access, a contract manufacturing organisation, Procurabl. At Procurabl we are working to democratise manufacturing.

Here are 8 ways working with Procurabl can benefit your product and business.

1. Focus on Core Competencies - In the era of lean hardware teams, shifting manufacturing to a trusted manufacturing partner will free up the hardware teams to focus on what they do best – design, engineering, testing, marketing, etc. – and the crucial tasks that drive your company’s success.

2. Access to Specialised Support - The unique challenges of manufacturing specific components can go beyond your internal team’s capabilities. This is where we, Procurabl come into the picture. with materials, printing, and converting expertise can provide extraordinary value. From the design phase to the production phase, our application engineers can make recommendations to improve product design and quality, improve manufacturability, accelerate speed to market, and more.

3. Reduced Costs - When you work with Procurabl, you are not just reducing the cost of labour on the floor. You are also minimising HR resources, training time, overtime payments, sick pay and labour costs. Did I tell you about the impact Procurabl has on your time to procure or manufacture anything? Procurabl acts as an extension to your procurement/sourcing teams. We handle all the stress, while your teams work on productive tasks.

4. Built-in Quality - Giving up internal control on safety standards, best quality and compliances, is one of the biggest concerns for OEMs looking to make the switch to outsourced manufacturing. But by vetting every manufacturing partner on more than 50+ data points, Procurabl lowers this entry barrier. Our manufacturing teams implement Quality Management Systems (QMS) so that you don't have to create or adapt to one yourself. Along with having a risk management plan in place, our partners also have ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and AS 9100 certifications.

5. Scale up or Down - Production demand is not monolithic anymore. When you're manufacturing in-house, it will be difficult to scale up at a faster pace, and expensive to scale down. That's not a concern when you're working with Procurabl – that means you can be agile and flexible in reacting to the unpredictable market throughout the product lifecycle.

6. Reduce CAPEX - Machinery, software and other assets can be a significant investment. It doesn’t offer a positive ROI either. By working with us, you don't have to worry about large equipment purchases or ongoing costs such as maintenance, depreciation, screens, plates, and fixtures. Instead, you can free up your working capital and use it more effectively elsewhere.

7. Seamless Process - There are enough moving pieces going from the design phase, prototyping to batch to mass production. Working with Procurabl not only provides you with a single point of access to vast process capabilities but also reduces the efforts taken for supplier audits and order fulfilment, minimises variability, consolidates accounting, and more.

8. Visibility - While working with Procurabl you have total visibility into the work that is being handled by us. We provide real-time updates on the status, events and issues that happen on the floor.

Get started with Manufacturing with Procurabl

At Procurabl we provide you with a single point of access to 100+ capabilities. Learn more about the solutions we offer here.

Team Procurabl

Jun 1, 2022


8 Benefits of Product Manufacturing with Procurabl

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