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BLDC (Brushless DC) controller 1.4/1.5KW

Controllers are manufactured with ROHS CERTIFIED high quality electronic components to provide a high- quality durable product. The controller uses Power MOSFETs and clocked maximum efficiency of 97% in most of the cases. We use high performance ARM controllers for a complex and precious controlling methods. These controllers are enabled with higher number of data transfer in the controller for better communication performance for the end user.


Electric Vehicle

Product Availablity 


Features & Benefits

    • BLDC Sin and Square wave control
    • Smooth start PID algorithm
    • 97 % efficiency in most cases
    • Lesser noise control benchmarked
    • Efficient motor control technique
    • Included general Circuit Protections
    • Extended fault detection
    • LED flashing pattern indicates the fault source
    • Under voltage protection
    • Over voltage protection
    • Over current protection
    • Over temperature cutoff protection - shutting down at 100°C
    • Throttle fault detection
    • Hall sensor failure detection
    • Battery voltage detection
    • Hard brake and soft brake
    • Electronic braking
    • Ignition ON/OFF
    • Vehicle lock / Anti lock
    • Forward/Reverse

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Rated power


Rated voltage


Rated Current

30 A

Maximum Current / Current limit

48 A

Full power operating temperature

0°C to +80°C

Operating temperature (MOSFET)

-55°C to +100°C

Efficient Operating frequency


Sensor type

Hall sensor

Hall sensor angle

120 degree

Throttle voltage

0 - 5 V

Under voltage protection




Operation mode

Square wave and Sine wave



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