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New Product 

Resilience starts at the point of design

We take your initial design and turn it into a sleek, ready-to-sell product through careful refinement and precise replication. 

Seamless NPI Process

Experience seamless progression from design conception to initial production runs. Our services encompass design, prototyping, development, and initial production runs, ensuring thorough process performance review and product evaluation. 

With expertise in feasibility analysis, adherence to design for manufacturing guidelines, component cost analysis, and smooth commercialization, we guarantee a comprehensive approach to bringing your innovative ideas to market efficiently and effectively.

New Part Introduction

Manufacturing Capabilities

3D Printing

Vacuum Casting

CNC Machining 

Injection Moulding

Accelerate your Product Design and Source them faster

We discover the best approach for managing environments and requirements that often change, while also creating a consistent production process that allows for ongoing integration of updates in the Bill Of Materials (BOM).


Reduction in Development Costs


Faster time to market


Enhanced product quality 


Improved production efficiency

Ensure a swift product debut while maintaining manufacturing quality at an optimal cost level.

In order to streamline the NPI process, we implement the Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) methodology. This approach 
simplifies component production and their integration into the final product.

Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) strategy involves selecting optimal sources and components to enhance project economics. 

Additionally, our Design for Assembly (DFA) approach focuses on simplifying product construction to minimize assembly time and ensure project stability.

Achieve timely and cost-effective introduction of new products to the market.

No matter what the quantity, we can cost-effectively optimize the production of the most challenging product

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